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The Urban Underworld Omnibus

Serving Up Bite-Sized Cozy Fantasy Based in Greek Mythology

Picture Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares meeting the charm of the Great British Bake Off but set in the Greek Underworld. The tale kicks off with sunshine-chef Rae facing off against her rival, snake-daemon Garth, in the centennial Hades cook-off — a deliciously cozy beginning to the six novellas that compose this book.


As the story develops, each novella introduces a diverse team of daemons and deities navigating the challenges of suburban life in Asphodel Meadows. Together they must tackle Olympic investors, old lovers, demanding gods, family myths, and personal insecurities. In this realm where no one faces the threat of 'death,' survival of the spirit becomes the true test.

Perfect for fans of Greek Mythology and Cozy Fantasy.

THE URBAN UNDERWORLD: Serving Up Bite-Sized Cozy Fantasy Based in Greek Mythology is the Underworld Novella Omnibus featuring: The Signature Dish of the Underworld, Taking Orders in the Underworld, Drinking Wine in the Underworld, Let Them Eat Cake in the Underworld, You Are What You Eat in the Underworld, and The Restaurateur in the Underworld.

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