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On an isolated island in the Pacific, removed from most of humanity, Madonna has finally come home to deal with the sordid family secret. Except now that she’s back, she’s having dreams of fangs and snakes and oceans … dreams that whisper: you’re not listening, Madonna.

Meanwhile, it has been many centuries while Medusa has waited through each lifetime of her lineage for this moment. Redemption.

Now that Madonna’s home, everything is the same, yet different. The truths that she has held for so long are slowly unravelling. When she finds herself in the underbelly of the town, she realises just how little she truly knows. And she’s forced to question beliefs about her blood that have defined her — until now.

Are we really made out of the strength of our convictions? Or are we made out of the opinions of others?

Sometimes it takes a while for the truth to come out…

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Gwyneth Lesley was born in Poole, United Kingdom in 1994 but spent her childhood split between England and New Zealand. 

Her mother, Robyn, an avid golfer and proud Kiwi woman, always made sure she had a book in her hand. To this day, Gwyneth cannot enter a bookstore without buying a book.

During her school years, Gwyneth ironically almost failed English in her second year of exams. Instead she was a keen drama student, came second place in regional speech competitions every year, and briefly considered a career in chemistry. 

Other careers she briefly considered included; a baker, a lawyer, a teacher and a doctor. 

Eventually, Gwyneth followed the path of journalism studying at The London School of Journalism. She received an Honours Diploma in Media Law and a Diploma with Distinction in Subediting and Design. Gwyneth then went on to work as a publishing assistant at The University of Law.

While she worked as a publishing assistant at 17, Gwyneth wrote a series of YA science fiction novels under a different name. They have been unpublished and she has plans to rewrite them with more depth in the coming years to do them justice. 

She also worked on a satire comedy sex novella, also under a different name, that was a bestseller on Amazon in 2015. 

Gwyneth credits these books as her practice rounds and believes that all authors should have them in order to gain the understanding of the writing process. But she credits her life experiences in other fields, particularly as a massage therapist, waitress & trauma support specialist, as the experiences that enriched her work for the better.

After eight years in the industry as a publishing assistant, writer & editor, Gwen was exhausted and her creativity burnt out. Taking a break and working in other fields allowed her to reconnect with her humanity, and ironically, this is what sparked her creativity again. 

Prometheus’ Priestess was born from a meditation session with a collection of sisters Gwyneth connected with during these years away from writing. And from there, the other greek mythology books — and the love of writing — returned. 

Gwyneth Lesley is a pseudonym to honour her Grandmother & the Muses that visit her with their inspiration & knowledge.

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