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Medusa's Retelling

A spicy urban fantasy novel, Madonna is a modern-day Medusa retelling with Greek mythology and romance, perfect for fans of Alessa Thorn's Medusa, Madeline Miller's Circe, or Katee Roberts' Stone Heart.

On an isolated island in the Pacific, removed from most of humanity, Madonna has finally come home to deal with the sordid family secret. Except now that she’s back, she’s having dreams of fangs and snakes and oceans … dreams that whisper: you’re not listening, Madonna.

Meanwhile, it has been many centuries while Medusa has waited through each lifetime of her lineage for this moment. Redemption.

Now that Madonna’s home, everything is the same, yet different. The truths that she has held for so long are slowly unravelling. When she finds herself in the underbelly of the town, she realises just how little she truly knows. And she’s forced to question beliefs about her blood that have defined her — until now.

Are we really made out of the strength of our convictions?
Or are we made out of the opinions of others?

Sometimes it takes a while for the truth to come out…

Lies. Secrets. A long-lost lineage. Redemption. This is a spicy Medusa retelling in the Greek mythology realm like no other.

Gwyneth Lesley's "Madonna" is the third standalone novel in the Femme Fatale series, retelling the myth of Medusa through the eyes of her long-lost descendant. The bloodline may be watered down, but the curse – like all family trauma – remains.

"Madonna" is a modern-day Greek mythology retelling containing themes that may upset some people. Please read the trigger warnings at the beginning of the book.

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