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A Lifetime Kind of Love

A breathtaking and emotional standalone poetry collection, based in Greek mythology, perfect for fans of Madeline Miller's A Song of Achilles, Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey, or Rupi Kaur's Milk and Honey.

They say unrequited love is the worst kind of love, but what of past loves that come to this lifetime? What of a connection that is deeper than one lifetime can allow?


What do you do when they appear? When you tear each other's wounds anew, not recognising how to reconcile in this lifetime? What then How do you move on from a lifetime love that was eons in the making and forever in your future?

Explore the first ninety days of a past love affair through the ancestry of Hades & Persephone in the pages of this poetry in the hopes that it will ease your longing and offer discernment.

Gwyneth Lesley's "A Lifetime Kind of Love" is the second standalone book in the Femme Fatale series, between Hades & Persephone when they both roamed the Earth as mortals. The myth says it was but a moment, but what is a moment to an immortal if not a lifetime to a mortal?

"A Lifetime Kind of Love" is a modern-day Greek mythology retelling of poetry containing themes of suicide.

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